Ccsvi: The Disease Journey – the first url story ever.
CANNES LIONS 2011, Shortlist/direct.
ADCI 2012, Silver/Social
ADCI 2012, Bronze/Copywriting
Lowe Pirella Fronzoni 2011.

Making everyone live the journey of a multiple sclerosis patient, discovering the new opportunity to be cured and activating people in giving money for the cause. This was the objective and we developed it through a very innovative low budget idea: we told a story that every user could read, jumping from a url to another in order to live the patient odyssey. We bought 30 urls, one for every sentence of the story and we used the hyperlink leading the users to the final url where they could make their donation. The campaign was born with the objective to activate people in donating to an onlus (non profit organisation). We needed everyone to know the new recent discovery made by the Italian Doctor Paolo Zamboni about Multiple Sclerosis. We needed to make people experience the odyssey of sclerosis, letting them know that a revolutionary solution has been found. The Onlus that committed this campaign wanted to address everyone and to develop the strategy in a direct way, using a digital low budget solution able to directly get in touch with the desired target and create immediate activation for fundraising.

Case History (english):

Settesoli: “Tag degustation”.
ADCI, 2012: shortlist – digital/social network
ADCI, 2012: shortlist – digital/Branded Digital Content
Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, 2011.

Share the passion Settesoli with your friends. This is the mission of the campaign “Settesoli Tags Degustation”, which allows you to receive one of the 100 cases of Settesoli wine made ​​available simply by inviting four friends to drink a glass of wine. After viewing the commercials on, users can tag the name of their Facebook friends instead of the names of growers. This will allow you to share the commercial, the Settesoli philosophy  and the bottles of wine that will be given away to each tagged group. Between gaming and demonstrations, the campaign is intended as a teaser of a larger redesign of the brand Settesoli, focusing on land value-sharing. The 300 boxes available were given away in a day and numerous blogs and magazines have devoted much time to the subject.

Feisbum il film: “Maledetto tag”.
Italian Young Lion 2010.
ADCI, 2010: Shortlist/Digital.
Stefano Cicconardi + Marco Diotallevi.

A trojan marketing campaign that has been designed to raise awareness and WOM about “FEISBUM”, a comedy movie about love, misunderstandings and misadventures of those who have access to today’s most famous social network. Fake facebook profiles, street/guerrilla marketing actions, videos on YouTube and unconventional media infiltration are used to “stage” a cover story that has spread worldwide. Valeria cancels her wedding after she finds out about her future husband Antonio Brucardi’s betrayal on Facebook. As a revenge, the furious Italian fiancée posts thousands of flyers with the sexy snap all around Rome, but everything turns out to be an hoax to launch the movie.

Case history (english):

Q8: integrated campaign.
ADCI 2012, Shortlist/Integrated
Lowe Pirella Fronzoni 2012

The challenge. In a market characterized by struggles downward and targets’ strong skepticism, there is a brand that wants to stop screaming prices and promotions.
Q8 wants to create a channel to talk to motorists.

The solution. The driver’s best friend. This is the DJ Q8, mysterious and elusive, inspired by DJ Wolfman Jack in “American Graffiti”. An item that does not have a face, but that appears everywhere:  in the morning, with a 1 minute radio show that sounds like a real radio program, in the evening, to accompany you on the way back, in two TV spots, online web radio with a real, even a mobile version for the iPhone and iPad. The  Radio Q8 DJ uses simple words, gives practical advices, responds to messages of his audience and knows motorists and their habits, just as Q8.

The results. More than 51,000 unique visitors in the first month, 3 hours average stay on the radio, and all customers who keep on asking for the show Q8: “Is it from here that the DJ gets broadcast?”

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Case History:

“We wanted to touch the hearts of our customers with a different kind of gift, able to transmit the values ​​of the agency and its team. Thus was born “Animal Christmas”: the first crib of animals adopted from a distance. An operation that turns the usual gift for customers in a campaign for abandoned animals. A digital experience that specifically interacts with reality and manages to excite and engage a target as difficult as that of managing directors, general managers and directors of communication.”

Agency: Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, 2010.

English version:

“Stories are not made of paper. E-book Newton Compton Publishing.”


Agency: The Name, 2009.